Ashley Judd Gives Media a Strong Push Back!

by Marlyn on April 10, 2012


Ashley Judd made waves yesterday with a powerful, Daily Beast essay that slammed the media for making cutting remarks about her looks.

Judd began a big promotional push for her new ABC show last month. Around the same time, she found herself the subject of various catty articles as writers were speculating that, because the actress’s face looked fuller than usual, she must have had some kind of plastic surgery.

In reality, Judd’s cheeks looked puffy because she was treating a sinus infection and flu with steroids.  And she admits to gaining some weight, going from her usual size two/four to a six/eight after a lazy six months of not exercising, which shows in her face.

But so what? They should only look so good, right?

You can read her article here.


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