CVS Changes Saturday Night Early Sale Shopping Policy

by Marlyn on February 14, 2012

On Saturday night I was with my friend Sandy, and she asked me to show her how we get such great discounts at CVS.  We went to one store at 6 PM, gathered all of our sale merchandise, and headed to the Red Coupon Machine to price check our items.  Much to our surprise, the new prices for the following week had not been updated, as has been the former policy at CVS.  You may have noticed on our posts that we recommended shopping on Saturday after 5 in order to take advantage of both week’s sales simultaneously.

So, we thought,  OK  we had a little set back that we could learn from, but that didn’t stop us.  We were at a 24-hour CVS, so we thought that might have been the issue.  So we drove to our regular CVS and I was showing Sandy how to price scan on the Red Coupon Machine when we discovered that the prices STILL hadn’t changed.  I asked to see the manager.

She was very nice, as they always are, but told us that the policy had changed months ago.  I thought that was odd because just 2 weeks prior, I had taken advantage of the Sunday sale prices on Saturday evening – I knew it couldn’t have been that long. The Manager wasn’t sure when the changes took place. The cashier thought that it had been a fairly recent development that the store wasn’t able to make the price changes themselves and that everything was controlled by corporate.

We called CVS Customers Service while we at the store on Saturday evening and they were closed.  I called CVS this morning and they informed me that this policy changed several months ago – CVS made a decision that ALL stores will begin their sales for the week on Sunday morning at 8 AM.   They also said the CVS Corporate now had control over when the pricing changed and that the store can no longer do that locally.

Ok, so with all that said, I returned to the store today – got all of the products I wanted on sale, paid a final total of about $25 and got about $110 worth of products that we need, making this a 77% savings trip to CVS.   If you’d like to learn about all of the products on sale this week, check out our post here.

I have no bone to pick with CVS – I just like to stay in the know – and I hope to share all that I know with you, too…so stay posted!


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